Bringing home parents — El Paso elder care options

Baby boomers with aging parents are increasingly concerned about their loved ones’ needs as they live out their twilight years. The question of what to do about parents’ living situations is not always easily solved, as there are many factors to consider.

Adult children who live near their parents are better able to assess their mental acuity and physical ability to manage on their own. But when many miles separate them, the issues become murkier.

If you are considering inviting aging parents to share your home, there are some issues to consider. How well do you get along? Do you have personality clashes? Are there long-simmering issues between you that would bubble to the surface under one roof?

Even if you get along well, other factors to mull include your personal ability to participate in their hands-on care should that become necessary. Primary caregiving is often a thankless and stressful task

How do other family members feel about the potential addition to the household? Are spouses supportive or grudging? Do children and teens get along well with grandparents, or are their huge generation gaps?

What about finances? Would parents be comfortable with adult children handling their financial decisions or would they worry about exploitation? Do the parents have savings set aside for healthcare? Is there a long term care plan in place?

If there are siblings, how do they feel about the situation? Are they on board, and can they contribute — financially or otherwise — to their parents’ ongoing care needs?

If parents have mobility issues, consider the access in your home. An upstairs bedroom might be inaccessible to them now, or could become so in time. What modifications can be made to accommodate them?

Lastly, is this something parents would even consider doing? Some seniors are perfectly happy in assisted living centers and even nursing facilities, while others would construe such arrangements as familial abandonment.

Whatever your final decision, it may be helpful to consult with an El Paso elder care attorney to cover all of the bases and make sure parents’ changing needs are met and wishes are taken into consideration.

Source: El Paso Southwest Senior, “Moving Mom or Dad: Should they live with you?” Lisa M. Petsche, Mar. 05, 2014