Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate is a fast paced and complex area of law. Get solid legal advice and skillful representation in civil court cases from a trusted and experienced  real estate attorney at The Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey. We ensure your financial interests are protected, whether you are a property owner, a buyer or seller, a homeowner or business tenant.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal help with all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, from home closing services to negotiation of commercial leases, negotiation of boundary disputes between neighbors to resolution of title problems that prevent the sale of a property. Contact our El Paso real estate law office today or call 915-229-6964. Let our highly experienced real estate lawyer assist you.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

Attorney Falvey represents buyers, sellers, property owners and commercial tenants in commercial and resident real estate transactions, such as:

  • Purchase/sale agreements
  • Real estate closings
  • Preparation of real estate documents
  • Preparation of commercial and residential lease agreements
  • Land use and zoning issues

For clients who are unfamiliar with Texas real estate law, attorney Falvey will carefully review with you the terms of the contracts or agreements you are considering signing.

Troubled Properties

Our firm works with lenders and property owners to resolve problems with cloudy titles, bad loans, and distressed properties:

  • Property title issues, including errors in the title documents, wrong names on title, failures to accurately transfer title, and judgments or financial claims against a property (including unpaid property taxes and construction liens)
  • Loan issue and loan modifications
  • Collections for unpaid rent or property mortgages
  • Receivership services

Real Estate Litigation

El Paso, TX real estate attorney Victor Falvey has three decades of experience handling complex real estate law matters. That depth of knowledge has prepared him to act as a strong advocate for clients involved in real estate disputes whether their case involves negotiation or aggressive trial court representation.

Real Estate and Probate

One of the benefits of working with our law firm is that we also handle real estate and probate matters. Do you want to ensure that a property transfers with minimal delay and cost after your death? Ask us. We can guide you in choosing an effective estate planning strategy to achieve that goal.
If you are the executor of an estate with complications in the transfer of title to an heir, attorney Falvey can skillfully assist you. He works with many clients who require help with the transfer of title to out-of-state and international heirs in ancillary probate proceedings.

Talk to Our Real Estate Lawyer

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