How much do you know about property zoning issues in El Paso?

So maybe you have selected the perfect property in El Paso for your new home or office building. Before you get too invested, you need to make sure the property is going to be suitable. Is it zoned to fit your proposed plan? If you are planning to build a residential family home, you need to ensure it is not zoned for commercial use or zoned for residential if you want to build an office building. But that is not all you need to know.

You will need to know if there are parking requirements, right-of-way requirements, lot size requirements, and more. These are the types of things that developers and builders deal with all the time. But builders and developers, while probably more familiar with zoning laws and what they involve than the everyday person, also know that it often takes a zoning attorney to ensure everything passes the requirements before investing in an expensive property that cannot be used once it is built.

Property zoning laws can sometimes be modified or given special privileges to suit your needs by going before the proper government agencies with your request. Zoning attorneys are familiar with these types of cases and can help present zoning requests for a favorable decision.

You will also want to check to see how the surrounding property is zoned. If you are building a family residence, and a vacant lot exits nearby, you may want to ensure it is not zoned for commercial use. If it is, you may end up with a very busy convenience store, fast-food restaurant or gas station next door. Surrounding property is very important, whether you are planning a family residence or a commercial property.

Some types of zoned property also have tax exemptions, such as agricultural land. If you are requesting a zoning change, you need to be sure you know if there are any tax implications.

If you are not experienced with zoning laws and planning new development of land, there are many other things involved also, such as what inspections will be needed, what type of drainage is required and more. Seeking a zoning attorney can help you work through these issues.

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