Real estate managment plays an import role in estate planning

When individuals in Texas think of estate planning, they likely consider things such as bank accounts and family heirlooms. One of the biggest assets in any estate is land or real estate, but without proper planning, such properties can become more of a liability to heirs down the road.

One thing to consider when you own property of any type is land use and zoning. Ensuring your real estate is in order now not only saves you future hassle, but it also protects your heirs against zoning or legal troubles once they inherit the land or property.

Our land use and zoning page discusses some of the things that are important when dealing with a range of property types, especially when courts or legal documents are involved. A major step that all property owners should take is achieving an official address. Getting an address involves inspection and certification.

If your property involves a waterway, you may have a bridge constructed over the water to achieve efficient access to all areas of the property. Bridges and country roads on your property may need to be certified through the El Paso County Public Works Department; likewise, other property issues may end up before the El Paso City Development Department. Ignoring any of these issues may put parts of your estate at risk or cause the legal issues to be passed on to your heirs.

If property is a large part of your estate, it’s important to consider real estate related concerns with planning for the future. Someone experienced in both estate and real estate law can assist you in getting assets in order for the benefit of your own future as well as your heirs.