Texas residents can improve their real estate transactions

Not every real estate transaction is a positive experience, especially for individuals who are dealing with things such as disputes, short sales or foreclosures. There are some easy things Texas residents can do to improve the quality of a real estate transaction, including increasing the value of an offer or finding better alternatives to foreclosure.

One way to seek more positive real estate transactions is through strong communication. Use all communication tools at your disposal to speak with lenders, buyers, sellers, agents or attorneys involved in the process. Depending on the situation, appropriate communication may include phone calls, face-to-face conversations, emails and mailed letters. In some situations, such as foreclosures, you may want to talk to any third-party representative helping with the issue before communicating.

Staying organized helps with home purchases, sales or possible foreclosures. Understand any deadlines for paperwork and payments, especially with regard to foreclosures. Lenders may send letters detailing when they will take action; by taking action yourself before those dates, you could change the outcome of the foreclosure to your favor.

Seek education. Real estate agents and attorneys can offer valuable information that helps you make a more informed decision about any real estate process. From knowing which forms are required to understanding the legal language in a contract, educating yourself about the process helps you protect your future and avoid common mistakes in real estate transactions. A third-party advocate also helps you cut through any emotional ties to property or stress about the situation to make better decisions for your family. Considerations during real estate transactions should include personal finances, family stability and goals for the future.

Source: Green Bay Press Gazette, “Ten tips toward a quality offer on a home” Nov. 07, 2014