Texas spouse sues ex-husband over fraud by nondisclosure

A woman is filing a civil lawsuit in the Texas courts against her former husband, stating he hid facts during their divorce that caused an unequal division of property.

According to reports, the couple had been married for three years, were both living in the house, and during that time, the husband maintained the property was in foreclosure. Thus, the home was not included in the division of assets and property.

The wife maintains the husband had continued to live in the home as late as last year, and she disputed the allegation that it was in the foreclosure process. The suit alleges that the division of property was not completed correctly at the time of the divorce. The plaintiff is asking the home be sold immediately and profits divided equally between the two parties.

The wife’s charges include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud by nondisclosure and common-law fraud. The plaintiff is also requesting a temporary restraining order and demanding the defendant assume responsibility for all court costs and damages.

With much of the country suffering the loss of their homes following the recent recession, there have been numerous victims of the mortgage crisis. Losing one’s home and going through a dissolution of marriage are two serious life-changing events.

If you have been involved in the loss of your home along with fraudulent concealment of assets by an ex-spouse, you have the right to speak to someone who can provide wisdom and experience in representing the complications of asset division involving foreclosure. Find someone who can provide sound and results-based information to help guide you through the trauma of loss of your relationship and your dwelling.

Source: Southeast Texas Journal, “Woman demands ex-husband sell home” Matt Russell, Jun. 12, 2014