Tips to help you avoid foreclosure

Avoiding foreclosure is not always possible, but the key is to do all you can to try to keep your home; do not simply accept that you are going to lose it and step aside. There may be more that you can do in Texas than you think.

For one thing, you always want to act quickly, as soon as you know you have a problem. If you contact the lender after you see you can’t pay, but before they have to come find you, you may be able to work out an agreement, get a new loan or find another solution that doesn’t involve foreclosure. Remember, foreclosure can be complicated and time-consuming, so lenders don’t really want to do it except as a last resort.

You also need to have a full understanding of each option. For example, if you’ve fallen behind on payments, you may not have to pay them all back instantly. Your lender may agree to a modification, adding a little bit more to your monthly payments so that you get back on track and gradually make up each missed payment. The lender will want to work with you to find an easy solution.

You may also be able to restructure your loan with another lender. It is important to note that some of these plans are scams, though, so do your homework and consult with others before agreeing to anything. The legitimate restructure plans can be very helpful, however, as they can reduce the payments by lengthening the loan, in some cases.

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