Why does your real estate transaction need a home inspection?

When you are purchasing a home in El Paso, Texas, is it really necessary to have a home inspection?

Yes, it is. A home is an important purchase. You need to know of any potential problems that could cost you a lot of money down the road. A home inspection is transparency when buying a home. If the roof leaks or the house has termites, you need to know. The home inspection will also tell you many things about the house, such as how old the roof is and when it will need replaced. It will tell you how old the central heating and air conditioning system is and many other important factors.

What if the house fails the inspection? A house never really “fails” the inspection because it is meant as an examination to tell you what condition the house is in. There are no regulations that it has to pass and the house will not be appraised by the home inspector. The reason for the inspection is to not only let you know the problems, but it can also be a source of negotiation if you still plan to buy the home. You might be able to request that the current owner take care of any major problems or at least deduct them from the cost of the house.

Do I need to call a home inspector when purchasing a home? If you have a real estate attorney who is assisting you with your purchase, he or she will probably handle this for you. A real estate attorney can actually handle every aspect of purchasing your home from start to finish. They can check any zoning laws, do title searches, review any contracts for loopholes that could leave you vulnerable and even draft agreements and contracts for you.

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