Previous homeowner watches over her home in foreclosure

El Paso residents with homes in foreclosure they want to keep should realize that they have options. To those who are unaware of the options available, seeking the advice of a real estate attorney is probably the first step. Remember that banks have as much to lose as you do when they foreclose on a home. They may be willing to work with you on a loan modification. As a last result, filing for bankruptcy may also help to save your home. If you really love your home and want to keep it, don’t be willing just to give up and walk away. A home is more than just a building; it is often the repository of precious memories and security to a family.

One Plano woman who had lived in her home for 16 years apparently could not prevent a foreclosure. In the process of losing her home to the bank, but because of her sentimental ties, the former homeowner continued to keep an eye on the house. The woman claims that her father died in the home and her son was raised there, so it meant a lot to her.

In July, her previous neighbors began contacting her about activity at the house. They had allegedly been looking after it as well. One man reported seeing a truck back up to the house, and two people taking furniture into the home.

The home’s former owner contacted the bank to see if the house had already been sold, but she was told that it was slated for auction in August. The woman also saw her house listed on a website with a nonworking number and her name as the contact. This led her to the possibility that someone may have thought they owned the home through a possible scam.

The strangers were said to have stayed at the house for up to a week, and then the former owner put a note on the front door informing them that they were trespassing by occupying the home. She later found the note wadded up in the kitchen. The occupants left, but not before flooding the home, taking out the carpet and leaving holes in the walls. This situation is being investigated for a possible fraud attempt.

Source:, “Plano woman fighting to keep squatters, scammers out of foreclosed home” Jobin Panicker, Aug. 06, 2014