Texas real estate has a system in place to resolve disputes

In the state of Texas, people often have disputes over property. When a real estate transaction turns ugly, there are a series of steps for you to follow that can lead to the resolution. There are some details for you to be aware of in order to resolve any issues you might encounter.

Real estate transactions are usually monitored by a licensed realtor. This is generally someone who has undergone training and received a license after passing a comprehensive test. A real estate licensee is someone who is state-licensed to engage in the practice of real estate. Holding an agent’s or broker’s license does not make someone a realtor. The national, state or local associations issue licenses.

Working with a realtor during a transaction implies you have an informed person who assists in the process of transferring property. This person should be dedicated to professionalism and integrity. The difference between a licensee and a realtor is the latter is obliged to serve his or her clients in an ethical and dedicated manner.

Since the client is always a priority, when the code of ethics is violated, there are additional committees in Texas that can impose sanctions on a realtor. Depending on the severity of the violation, a letter may be dispensed or disciplinary action may be warranted.

There is a code of ethics that must be enforced so that if a member of the public or another individual feels they have been treated incorrectly, a complaint may be filed. The complaint can be anonymous or be addressed in court by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Some real estate advisors will attempt to resolve the matters without court appearances. Communication and openness can solve misunderstandings, as well as a program that uses mediators to try to work out an amenable solution. Mediators do not provide solutions; they are part of a private conversation that attempts to offer unbiased alternatives or options to the clients.

If you have a real estate dispute in Texas, there are informed entities and agencies that can determine if something inappropriate or unprofessional has taken place. In order for your rights to be protected under the law, you deserve the highest quality of care to move forward in what could involve the biggest investment of your life.

Source: The Chronicle, “Realtor View: Learn how to file a complaint in real estat” Chaille Ralph, Aug. 01, 2014