Real estate transactions – not always a simple sale

It can be helpful to have a guide leading you through the process of a real estate transaction. In some cases, what might seem like a simple property transaction can become quite complex.

In Texas, title companies can handle closings. Some buyers and sellers have very simple home title transfers that a closing attorney handles well. In these transactions, there are clear titles and no financing issues to create stumbling blocks.

Real estate attorneys generally have experience handling more complex transactions and litigation involving land or financial disputes relating to real property. As noted on our real estate practice page, these can include boundary controversy, clouded title resolution, zoning issues, intricate purchase or sale agreements and landlord/tenant disputes. Commercial real estate transactions may involve multiple parties, each of whom brings to the negotiating table issues to be resolved.

Working ahead of the game to understand legal ramifications and plan for negotiation can minimize potential problems or contention among parties to the transaction. Common legalities that can arise during real estate transactions might include lien holder questions, tax issues, disputes regarding various property rights and creditor claims.

An important thing to remember when dealing with any real estate transaction — no matter how simple — is that a thorough understanding of anything you sign is critical. Real estate documents often contain complex language that can affect each party. Your signature might create a vulnerability in the future, particularly if you develop a legal concern with the property or intend to sell it later. By seeking a knowledgeable review of any contract, you can reduce the chances of problems in the future.