El Paso Real Estate Transactions – Residential and Commercial

Parties on both sides of a real estate transaction have a lot at stake, as well as unique interests that need to be protected. Whether you are a buyer, a seller or a bank handling the loan, it’s critical that you have a reliable El Paso real estate lawyer representing you in the process. El Paso real estate lawyer Victor Falvey has three decades of legal experience with the El Paso real estate market. Clients know and trust his good judgment and sound legal advice.
Before you enter into a legal agreement for a residential or commercial property, talk with a West Texas real estate transactions attorney to ensure your contract is accurate, comprehensive and meets your needs. Call 915-229-6964 to schedule a consultation.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying/Selling a Home: In other states and countries, it’s common to use a notary to handle the purchase/sale of a residence or residential property. Doing the same with a West Texas property, however, may not be in your best interest. Attorney Falvey will carefully review the contract or agreement to ensure that there are no pitfalls that could leave you without a clear title to the property and vulnerable to a legal claim later on. Mr. Falvey represents buyers and sellers of homes and other real properties in:

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Housing Developments: Our firm works with builders of residential properties and developers of residential subdivisions on land purchase contracts, land use and zoning issues, construction contracts, document preparation, including covenants, releases and escrow, financing document review and more.
Commercial Property: We work with commercial landlords and business tenants on land acquisitions, lease agreements for retail or office space, and on construction contracts. Attorney Falvey will draft and negotiate the contract for sale, assist in financing negotiations and oversee the closing process.
Title Clearance And Title Insurance: We will conduct a title search to determine if there are any liens on the property or other title problems that would require legal action. We will assist you in obtaining title insurance to protect you against claims against the title.
Real Estate Financing: In almost all cases, a lender will require an attorney opinion letter prior to approval of financing for a project. They are seeking reassurance that the entity seeking financing is a valid company in compliance with state law and that the loan being considered is valid and enforceable. Mr. Falvey can assist you with financing or refinancing of your commercial real estate project in several ways, including conducting a due diligence review and preparation of an opinion letter.
Foreclosure: Attorney Falvey represents lenders in the foreclosure process.

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