Robin Williams’ will and estate plan details revealed

Robin Williams passed away in early August of 2014, but he already had a will in place, which he signed on the last day of January 2011. He also had a prenuptial agreement with his wife, which was set up before the two got married. The details of his estate plan have now been, to some degree, revealed to the public.

It appears that the estate is going to be split between four main parties: his wife and his three children.

The details for his wife are less clear, as he simply asked that the things he had agreed upon in the prenuptial agreement be carried out. This means that his wife is going to get a portion of his wealth and assets.

For his children, a fairly strict plan based on age was established. The children will all get part of the estate, but they will each only get a third of the money when they reach the age of 21. At age 25, they will get half of what is left. At age 30, they will each get the rest of what they have inherited.

Some of the exact dates do not matter so much now, since his children have passed some of the thresholds. One of his sons is 31, and thereby entitled to the full share, and the other is 22, and therefore, only able to get the first third. His daughter is 25, so she will get the first third and half of what remains.

While an estate plan does not necessarily have to be complicated in Texas or any other state, it is important to have one in place in the event of an unexpected death.

Source: People, “Robin Williams Left Fortune to His Children and Wife” Nov. 13, 2014