Will Preparation Attorney in El Paso

Nobody should die without a Last Will and Testament (intestate). Without a Will preparation, your family members will have a harder time taking your estate through probate. And they cannot ensure that your property will be distributed the way that you intended. The State has rules for how property is divided when there is no Will. That may be a far cry from what you would have wanted.
Will preparation is the cornerstone of any estate plan. Through your Will, you can communicate your wishes regarding:

  • Who you want to handle the distribution of your estate (naming an executor)
  • Who you want to receive your property and what property you want them to receive – you can be as detailed as you like, or you can specify that a person receive a certain percentage of the value of your estate at the time of your passing
  • Money or assets that you want to donate to a favorite charity
  • Who you would like the court to name as a guardian for your children, should your children be underage at the time of your death

Even if you have (or will have) a Trust, you will want an estate planning lawyer to create a document called a Pour-over Will. This document transfers any assets in your estate at the time of your death into your Trust.

At The Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey, our El Paso Will preparation attorneys can help you create a Will that truly communicates your intentions. Equally important, they will advise you if a Will is not the best document for your specific purpose. For example, if you are leaving money to a disabled or senior loved one who may need nursing home care. He or she could lose Medicaid eligibility that could pay for nursing home care. In such cases, putting money into a Special Needs Trust is a better option.

Avoid Problems With a Will

The exact language you use in a Will is extremely important. That’s why an off-the-shelf Will from a website may be a poor choice. A poorly written Will can open the door to legal challenges from heirs. While our estate planning lawyers represent heirs and executors in probate litigation, why not avoid the aggravation, hurt feelings and the cost of a legal battle by getting your Will done right the first time.

Our West Texas Estate Planning Lawyer Can Prepare Your Will

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