The importance of a last will and testament

We believe nobody should die without a will. There are many reasons why executing a will is important to both the individual and the family. One of the primary motivations is that a will allows a person to make the right decisions for his or her particular assets, family dynamics and desired legacy.

Some Texans likely believe that one must have wealth in order to need a will. That isn’t the case. It’s important that even with minimal assets, cash or personal property, a will allows you to be the decision-maker. Otherwise, a court will decide. One of the focuses in our law practice is to help clients understand the advantages of preparing a will – the protections it can offer to families under the law. It also can help families avoid any bickering, emotional upset and estrangement that might result if they disagree about who inherits what.

When there is high value to an estate, challenges can be made by family members who don’t agree with a will’s provisions. It’s for this reason we take the time to carefully craft the proper wording of our client’s directions. Words that clearly communicate the writer’s intentions, properly in accord with Texas law, are critical to minimizing any misconceptions family members may have that could lead to disputes.

Reading our practice page can provide more insight into the value of having a will. It is one of the cornerstones of a solid estate plan. It may be that it only makes sure the family heirlooms are given to the correct children or, in the alternative, someone is deliberately excluded from any distributions. We can provide a personalized analysis regarding legal protections under estate and probate laws.

Protecting your family after you are gone is an admirable goal. There will be many things you can’t control about the future. A properly executed last will and testament is one aspect that you can.