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A home is likely one of the single largest investments a family will ever make. When the owner is not able to keep up with the mortgage payments, both the homeowner and the lender have a lot to lose. For owners, there is the threat of losing the home. For lenders, there is the issue of recovering the money it is owed on the property.

Whether you are the owner who stands to lose your family home to foreclosure or the lender facing the task of initiating it, the need for an experienced El Paso foreclosure litigation lawyer is critical. At The Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey, we provide complete legal services to lenders and homeowners in these important matters.

Foreclosure Defense for El Paso Homeowners

If you have been informed that your lender intends to foreclose on your home, the Law Offices of Victor H Falvey may be able to help. We provide foreclosure defense services and legal advice to help you decide how best to move forward.

  • Do you believe you were lied to by the bank?
  • Did you apply for a loan of one kind but walk away with a different loan entirely – one that was more expensive than the one you first qualified for?
  • Are there problems with the mortgage company’s accounting? Are they saying that you missed payments when you didn’t?
  • Are there problems or discrepancies with the bank’s paperwork?

These and other things could point to a problem with your original loan. Mr. Falvey will review your original loan documents to see if there were any errors made by the mortgage company that could create grounds for legal action.

But there could also be problems with the foreclosure proceedings itself. Before you meet with Mr. Falvey, write down the events that have occurred regarding your home purchase and your loan. Gather all your loan paperwork and any evidence you have of your payment history. Also gather together the documents you received from the lender.

Mr. Falvey will review all of this information and then provide you with a potential course of action that could include: a mortgage modification, filing charges of bank fraud, a delay in the foreclosure proceeding (for example, by challenging ownership of the loan), or just avoidance of a deficiency judgment. When possible, he will work directly with your lender to secure better terms. If you are unable to commit to any kind of alternative financing arrangement, he can also help you with a short sale.

Foreclosure Representation For Lenders

We understand that the decision to foreclose on a property owner is not one you’ve taken lightly. It requires careful legal processing, properly timed execution of a variety of steps, and great attention to detail to ensure that no error occurs that could result in a legal challenge.

If you need to initiate a foreclosure action, our law firm can provide you with the legal services you need to protect your business interests. From serving the initial default letters to negotiations and representation in court, you can rely on us to handle the matter efficiently. Mr. Falvey also has experience with receivership and can help you with the sale of the foreclosed property if necessary.

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