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Communities enact land use and zoning restrictions in order to promote orderly growth and to protect the interests of existing property holders. Zoning regulations may be used, for example, to lessen traffic congestion, to prevent overcrowding in an area, or to ensure there are adequate public services for the businesses or residents in an area.

Before land is developed, it must be zoned and platted. If a developer wishes to use a property for a purpose for which it was not zoned, h or she will need to seek a zoning variance.

At The Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey, we represent property owners, developers, builders and others involved in land use and zoning issues. These cases almost always involve issues of non-compliance with state, county or municipal property regulations, and there are unique processes that must be followed in order to gain the approvals you need to move your project forward.

El Paso land use and zoning lawyer Victor Falvey has been working in West Texas real estate law for more than 30 years. He has a thorough understanding of the laws and ordinances that operate at each level of government, which puts him in a strong position to help you obtain a positive result, no matter what type of issue you may be facing in your land use and zoning case.

Legal Help with All Land Use And Zoning Issues

Whether you need assistance with an application for a zoning change, a public hearing, or a variance, Mr. Falvey can assist you with these and other land use and zoning issues, including:

  • Filing an application for a variance: While a property owner can file the application for a variance, many owners and commercial developers prefer to have an attorney file the paperwork to ensure it is done properly.
  • Obtaining an interpretation of a zoning ordinance: If there is a question as to whether your proposed land use falls within city regulations, Mr. Falvey can seek an interpretation of the zoning ordinance.
  • Hearings before governmental agencies: He has extensive experience representing clients before the El Paso City Development Department if you are seeking a zoning variance or a special exception. At this hearing, attorney Falvey will provide information to the hearing board regarding surrounding land use, information about hardships you as a property owner may encounter if the variance is not granted, and why your request should be granted.
  • County road and bridge certification: He can represent you in matters before the El Paso Public Works Department involving the certification of a bridge or county road.
  • Getting an address for your property: Your property must be inspected and certified before it will receive an address. Our law firm can help you through this process and can work to resolve any issues that develop along the way.
  • Property tax rollbacks: If you converted your property from an agricultural use to a nonagricultural use – to build a commercial property or a residence or residential development – you may be facing a significant tax penalty called a rollback tax. You could be required to pay the property tax rate associated with a nonagricultural use going back as many as seven years.

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