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The relationship between landlords and tenants of commercial properties is typically regulated by a legal lease agreement. When disputes arise, the parties have recourse to the lease document – and to civil courts – to seek redress. In most cases, however, they will need the help of a commercial real estate to protect their interests.

El Paso commercial real estate lawyer Victor Falvey represent landlords and tenants of commercial properties who are involved in legal disputes in communities across in El Paso, Texas. He has worked in Texas real estate law for more than 30 years and has wide-ranging knowledge of the problems encountered by landlords and tenants, and a great deal of experience bringing landlord-tenant cases to court.

Representing Landlords

Tenant Disputes: Sometimes a landlord-tenant dispute in a commercial setting can be resolved with the intervention of a lawyer. Few tenants want to become embroiled in a legal conflict so a phone call or letter from a lawyer may be all that’s needed to begin to find a resolution.

Evictions: A major portion of our law firm’s landlord-tenant practice is evictions. Mr. Falvey works with landlords to understand the need for the eviction and the grounds upon which it should be pursued, such as nonpayment of rent, holdovers and other issues. He will handle your eviction process from start to finish, making sure that the proper steps are taken and that everything is carefully documented.

Defense in Wrongful Eviction: If you evicted a tenant and are now facing a wrongful eviction lawsuit – whether from actions you took or failed to take, or because your former tenant wants to create problems for you — he can defend you in that civil case.

Foreclosure: If you need to initiate a foreclosure action, our law firm is prepared to handle all foreclosure processes from serving the initial default letters through the entire foreclosure process.

Representing Commercial Tenants

Attorney Falvey represents commercial tenants who are negotiating a lease or rental contract for retail or warehouse commercial space or who are experiencing problems with the landlord of the property that houses their business.

Legal Review of Leases and Contracts: Start your business off on the right foot by working with a commercial real estate lawyer who can ensure that the lease or contract you are signing treats you fairly. There is no “standard” commercial lease so you really do have some power in the initial negotiation to shape the form of your lease agreement. Just because the landlord has provided you with a lease that they say is “boilerplate,” you do not have to accept it as is. Allow Mr. Falvey to review the terms of your lease or purchase agreement with you to ensure you understand what you are getting into. If the terms are not favorable, Mr. Falvey can negotiate on your behalf.

Legal Help with Problem Properties: Have you experienced problems with the commercial property you have been leasing? Are there structural defects, code violations or maintenance problems that are negatively impacting your business and the safety of your staff and customers? Did the landlord promise to make changes before – or after – you moved in, but then failed to make them? Has the landlord rented to a new tenant who has become a problem to your business?

It’s understandably an uncomfortable situation to have a problem with a landlord. You want to be on good terms, for the sake of your business, but it’s only fair that he/she live up to the contract that you signed. Mr. Falvey can negotiate on your behalf with your commercial landlord and, if needed, he can bring a lawsuit on your behalf in order to force your landlord to take appropriate action on promises made to you in written contracts or your lease agreement.

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